Amethyst Biomat

All sessions are held on the Amethyst Biomat, which contains 20 pounds of amethyst crystals, provides far infrared heat and negative ions for a healing compliment to your massage.

The biomat uses far infra-red ceramic heat to increase the body’s core temperature, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, increase immune system activity, detoxify the body, and increase circulation.  The negative ions produced by the mat increase cellular activity and purify the blood.  And the amethyst crystals increases the ability of the infra-red rays to penetrate deeply into the body, as well as deeply calm the nervous system.

Unlike traditional heating pads, the biomat has a special layer that blocks potentially harmful EMFs.

Conditions the biomat benefits: low body temperature, insomnia, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, post surgical healing, depression and anxiety, cancer treatment side effects,

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