Lymph Taping & Scar Therapy

Lymph taping is an expanded technique of Kinesio Taping, developed over 25 years ago by Dr Kenzo Kase, an U.S. trained Japanese chiropractor. Dr. Kase was interested in finding a less invasive method to treat soft tissue injuries. He developed Kinesio Tex Tape that supports soft tissues (muscles, ligaments) and improves fluid movement (lymph and blood). The tape is latex-free, water resistant and can be worn up to five days.


  • The tape produces positive sensory information over the skin so that the body’s own healing process can be activated and supported
  • Increases microcirculation (blood and lymph in affected areas) which can reduce pain and improve function
  • Improves innervation of the musculature (strength, coordination and proprioception)
  • Maintains and improves full movement of skin, muscles and joints.

Lymph taping can greatly enhance and prolong the effects of manual lymph drainage and massage. The tape is applied along lymphatic pathways and encourages continued lymph flow for as long as the tape stays on.

Lymph taping is especially beneficial post surgically and for people with lymphedema.


Scar Taping/Therapy

Scars resulting from surgery or injury can often be more than cosmetically unsightly. They can cause pain, itching, contracture (tightening of the skin around the injury site that causes restriction of movement), adhesions to neighboring tissues, and disrupted energy flow (in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine).

My method of taping is gentler and much less painful than usual manual scar therapy treatments. Kiniseo Tex tape and special spiral cross tapes offer a gentler and more effective scar therapy. The tape is applied in a way that lifts the scar area and gently breaks up adhesions and improves circulation to the scar site.

This technique reduces pain, adhesions and the thickness of scars, especially keloids. It is effective no matter how old the scar is and the tape can be worn up to ten days!